How Confident Is Your Child?

Do you ever worry that they seem anxious, insecure, withdrawn or uncomfortable in new situations? Would they benefit from being able to take control of their emotions? Give them the gift of confidence with our specialist Coaching Courses!

Imagine if life came with a handbook...

Imagine if – for example – children could learn about confidence in the same way they learn about Maths and English. Imagine if they had a unique set of personalised instructions to help them to understand themselves, control their emotions and reach their full potential. Coaching is like the manual you’ve been searching for.

I’m Tess, an experienced primary school teacher and qualified Coach who is absolutely passionate about the happiness of your children. So passionate, in fact, I believe that life-long learning about ourselves as human beings takes priority over much of what is assessed in our primary schools. This has lead me to step outside my own classroom and venture into the classroom of life, so I can help others learn how to achieve their hopes and dreams. I love being able to give children the tools to cope in a frantic and stressful world, and learn to enjoy being who they are. Connect 3 Coaching is all about helping your child connect with themselves on every level – head, heart and soul – so they are truly in control.

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Course Structure

Science Icon

Week 1

The Science of Confidence

• What actually is confidence?

• Creating your own version of confidence

Thinking Brain Icon

Week 2

The Thinking Brain

• Understanding your thoughts

• How to take control of your thinking

Lightbulb Icon

Week 3

Who Am I?

• How to be yourself and be brilliant at it

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Week 4

Taking Control

• How to be your own Confidence Coach

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For more information and to register your child for our upcoming intake, please request a callback and our friendly expert will be in touch. Alternatively, you can email us at or call us direct on 07793 108 905.

Course Dates

Our courses run over four consecutive Saturday mornings between the hours of 10am and 11:30am, at The Rheged Centre, Penrith.

Next Intake*:

8th June 2019 (Start date)

15th June 2019

22nd June 2019

29th June 2019 (End date)

*Early Bird offer available if booked two weeks in advance of course start date. Get in touch for more details.