How Will It Help?

"I can't give your child a big bag of confidence, but I can help them find the one that's already hidden inside themselves."

Depressed Child

How Confident is Your Child?

Do you ever worry that your child lacks confidence? Do they sometimes seem insecure, withdrawn or uncomfortable in new situations? Perhaps they suffer with self-doubt, anxiety or have a negative self-image.

With so much to cope with in our modern world, it is more common than you would think for children to worry about getting things wrong, be afraid of failure or need constant reassurance.

Tess at Connect 3 Coaching specialises in coaching children and she has all the tools your child needs for their own confidence toolkit, so they have choice and freedom to reach their full potential.

Child in Thought

How Will Coaching Help?

Most children deal with most things, most of the time. 

But some children struggle with some things some of the time – and so do adults.

Does your child ever:

Our sessions are aimed specifically at building emotional resilience and confidence so that children are empowered to manage issues just like these. 

They will gain strength, courage and flexibility to ultimately give them control over their own happiness.

So what are you waiting for? Help your child uncover the gifts of confidence and courage already buried within – let them take control Head, Heart and Soul.

Calm Kids2

Calm Kids

Because mindful children understand their feelings, choose their reactions and develop their emotional freedom.

Confident Kids2

Confident Kids

Because resilient children who believe in themselves grow into young adults who have the courage to carry on dreaming.

Complete Kids2

Complete Kids

Because happy children become happy grown-ups who have learned how to care for their hearts as well as their minds.