Meet The Coach

Tess Colman


Tess is an experienced Primary School Teacher who recognised the need for support for children and their families beyond the classroom. Keen to bridge the gap between the confident and the not-so-confident children she worked with, Tess decided to take further qualifications to enable her to fulfil her dream of working with children more therapeutically. She is now proud to be a fully accredited member of the Association for Coaching and a registered Coach. She is absolutely passionate about the happiness of your children and looks forward to empowering them – Head, Heart and Soul!

To nurture yourself is to connect with you on every level – head, heart and soul

As an experienced primary school teacher and school leader, I have always been passionate about helping children and colleagues achieve their full potential. My strong belief is that we already have all the resources we will ever need within us. This has lead me to step outside my own classroom and venture into the classroom of life, to discover how I can help others achieve their hopes and dreams.

Feeling understood and valued is fundamental to how we function as people. This applies to children and adults just the same. We all need to be nurtured in order to grow – and we don’t stop growing just because we’ve reached our full shoe size! To nurture yourself is to connect with YOU on every level – head, heart and soul.

The sooner in life that we are open to these connections, the sooner we can accept ourselves for all that we are – and all that we want to be. I can help you to help yourself take care of your own head, heart and soul, so you are in control.

Dream Big