"Feeling understood and valued is fundamental

to how we function as people."



To nurture yourself is to connect with you on every level – head, heart and soul

Hello, my name is Tess and I am the founder of Connect 3 Coaching.

As an experienced primary school teacher and school leader, I have always been passionate about helping children and colleagues achieve their full potential. My strong belief is that we already have all the resources we will ever need within us. This has lead me to step outside my own classroom and venture into the classroom of life, to discover how I can help others achieve their hopes and dreams.

Feeling understood and valued is fundamental to how we function as people. This applies to children and adults just the same. We all need to be nurtured in order to grow – and we don’t stop growing just because we’ve reached our full shoe size! To nurture yourself is to connect with YOU on every level – head, heart and soul.

The sooner in life that we are open to these connections, the sooner we can accept ourselves for all that we are – and all that we want to be. I can help you to help yourself take care of your own head, heart and soul, so you are in control.

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Dream Big
How To Do Life Book

Why did I do this?

Imagine if life came with a handbook. How useful would that be?

Imagine if life came with a handbook.

Imagine if – for example – being a kid, having kids, achieving the perfect career, dealing with trauma, or generally picking yourself up, dusting yourself down and getting on with ‘it’ came with their own unique sets of personalised instructions.

How useful would that be?

Coaching is the next best thing.

Coaching is not counselling, therapy or advice. It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself, guided by your coach to become the version of yourself you want to be. Using a combination of therapeutic techniques and all the tools of the trade of a career in teaching, my job is to help you get to know yourself better so that you can choose your direction and take the steps you want on your new journey.

My own journey here began when I started to feel restless in my career. Working ludicrous hours led me to lose sight of the supposed work-life balance we’re all told to have. I became stressed and anxious, yet felt powerless to change anything. I was trapped by the security of the job, even as it was taking its toll on my relationships with family and friends, and my health.

I felt strongly that I had so much more to offer. I knew that what I was doing just wasn’t working. And as we all know… if you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

I believe that the happiness, success, confidence and inner peace we crave as human beings are right there at your fingertips, and sometimes you just need a little help to take hold. I did – and eventually I took the plunge. I looked for ways to bring about the change I was so eager to make. Now, as a fully qualified Practitioner specialising in Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy, and also a certified Children’s NLP Coach, it’s my turn to help you take those steps on your own journey.

I work with respect, honesty, integrity and imagination to help you, your child or your organisation achieve the mind-set and the ethos you want.

Your potential is entirely available to you and I look forward to helping you fulfil it.

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