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Whole class workshops or small group sessions are available to schools. These are practical, child-centred sessions focusing on self-confidence, resilience and learning how to self-regulate. Sessions can be uniquely tailored for your school’s individual needs, with a particular focus, for example on: anxiety/stress, low self-esteem/confidence, friendship issues, family issues, anger, bereavement, social media pressures, body image or something else. Workshops are most suitable for KS2 children.

  • Whole class workshops
  • Small group sessions
  • Suitable for KS2 children

From £150 per whole class workshop with multiple class booking discount available.

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Why not swap your staff meeting for a Wellbeing Workshop? This offers a great way to enhance team morale and invest in the personal wellbeing of your school’s teachers.

Individual coaching sessions for school staff are available to help staff on a one to one basis – be it managing an acute workload, work-place or personal stress, anxiety or simply a boost to individual emotional wellbeing.

  • Enhances team morale
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Boosts staff wellbeing

Please call for pricing information.