I keep getting told to write a blog,

But social media leaves me agog.

They say, ‘Blog about stuff that really matters,

‘Blog about mental health in tatters.

‘Blog about children, blog about brains,

‘Blog about school or online games.

‘Blog about food, about physical health,

‘Blog about money – lacking or wealth.’

But who will it help and who is it reaching?

There’s so many people virtual-preaching,

Telling folk like me and you

How to cope and what to do;

Faceless writers to readers unknown,

Blogging opinions or having a moan.

It’s just not the same as talking and listening;

That rare conversation that leaves your heart glistening.

That powerful question, that raw motivation

That’s born of a purposeful conversation.

I suppose I could blog every inch of my soul –

But is that going to help you reach your goal?

Be honest – will my blog help you grow stronger,

Or simply make my to-do list longer?

I’d rather listen, I’m ready to learn;

Let’s blog out loud – now it’s your turn.